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2017 Gabriel Award winners


 Gabriel Award Winners - Highlights


The Gabriel Awards

Sponsored by the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals

The Gabriel Awards, founded in 1965, honor works of excellence in film, network, cable television and radio as well as our newly created categories in social media.  We continue to recognize  outstanding artistic achievement in media that entertains and enriches with a true vision of humanity and a true vision of life. 

The prestigious Gabriel Awards are an important component of the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals’ mission to proclaim the Good News.  Entrants go through a highly selective process of preliminary screening and blue-ribbon judging, which includes judging in values, content, creativity, artistic quality, technical quality and impact.  By maintaining these high standards, the Academy is able to reward media professionals for outstanding work that might otherwise not be recognized for its enrichment value.

 The award  is a silver angel, Gabriel, raising skyward a globe encircled by electrons to symbolize the communication of God’s word to humanity.  It is a salute to all those who strive for values-centered programming. 

Join us in honoring all our winners over the years  and submit your application now and let us honor you and your good work.

For a complete list of the 2017 Gabriel Award Winners

Mark your calendar for the 2017 Gabriel Awards Banquet to be held during the Catholic Media Conference in Quebec, Canada: Contact the Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals at admin@catholicacademy.org or 937.458.0265.